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Organizational Members

Organizational Members have a unique opportunity to drive the mission of the IDC forward with their commitment to an inclusive island community. The IDC believes that inclusion occurs when responsibility is shared. As an Organizational Member, key individuals from your organization will explore creative, collaborative solutions to issues impacting individuals with disabilities. IDC will provide training, education, networking and supports to assist in this journey. Join the IDC today to provide leadership to this important mission.

Our goal is to focus on the development of a sustainable structure ensuring long term success of the IDC as well as encompass the Community Action Plan. The IDC has received two Tower Foundation grants. The first grant is to fund the initial needs assessment and the second Community Change Grant is funding our strategic plan through June 2021. Read more about our strategic plan here.

Member Spotlight

YMCA of Martha’s Vineyard

The vision of the YMCA of MV is to create a year round recreational community center that brings Islanders and visitors of every age group and economic level together in one place, to help them attain their individual goals in a balanced holistic method and bridge the gaps in community needs. The YMCA provides year round programming in the areas of health and wellness, youth development, healthy aging, after-school and summer camp experiences.

Organizational Member of the IDC will:

  • Join the conversation on becoming a more inclusive Martha’s Vineyard
  • Designate one or more representatives to attend general IDC meetings
  • Share your ideas, experiences, and energy, as you can
  • Participate in exploring creative solutions to complex issues
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the mission of the IDC

Benefits of the Organizational Membership:

  • Opportunities to connect with community members, discover shared experiences
  • Engage in conversations that increase connection to and understanding of disabilities
  • Opportunities to be a part of the solution
  • Personal and professional development through participation
  • Learn about available resources

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