Inclusive Employment

Speaker speaking to audience

The official start of IDC’s 2020 focus on inclusive employment began with our first Employer Breakfast on February 19th. Over 20 Island organizations and businesses joined the important conversation, sharing current employment practices as well as their needs in order to provide more opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  Participants shared an overwhelming desire to work together to provide mutually beneficial employment opportunities for those with a disability.  A workgroup was formed to dive deeper into how the IDC can support employer’s efforts to provide inclusive employment opportunities.

The Employment Workgroup meets approximately once a month to discuss topics such as transportation, job safety, employee skill development and specific training needs, and supervisory training to better support the mental and emotional health of all employees.  The group is made up of employers, employees, parents and employment professionals and is open to anyone interested in equitable and accessible employment.


Dozens of local government officials, school members, and representatives of Island businesses were present at the employee breakfast.


Beth Wike, program director for disability services at MVCS, describes her goal of an inclusive Martha’s Vineyard workforce.

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