Inclusive Recreation & Leisure Initiatives

The IDC awards eight Island organizations individualized project assistance from King Inclusion Consulting to develop and support their inclusive recreation & leisure goals. 
The organizations selected by the IDC include:

Edgartown Public Library

The Edgartown Library will create inclusive outdoor spaces in the gated area connected to the Children’s Room and the outdoor area in front of the library.

Consultation and Universal & Inclusive Design principle training will provide subject matter expertise to library leadership and the planning committee to ensure that the space is accessible, welcoming, includes relaxing and therapeutic components and is inclusive for patrons of all ages and abilities.

Information Gathering will be conducted through a survey and/or facilitated listening sessions to ensure the voices and experiences of the community are considered as part of the planning process.


Island Grown Initiative

The Island Grown Initiative will receive consultation and training in two areas:

Current Farm: An assessment will be conducted at the current farm facility to evaluate exterior space accessibility and inclusive programming needs.  A summary will be created that identifies recommendations to implement more accessible, welcoming, and inclusive facilities, spaces, and programs.

New Building Educational Spaces: Training and facilitated discussion on Universal & Inclusive Design will be provided to educate IGI leadership to ensure the new building can be accessed, understood and used to the greatest extent possible by all people regardless of their age, size, ability or disability.


Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club

The Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club will receive support in three areas:

Training for year round and summer staff to prepare for and support those with a disability who participate in the after school and summer programs.

Consultation with leadership around creating an inclusion statement to more intentionally foster a commitment to inclusion.

Training and facilitated discussion on Universal & Inclusive Design  to educate Boys & Girls Club leadership early in the planning process of their new facility.


Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival




The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival will receive consultation to make drive-in movie summer series at the YMCA more accessible, welcoming, and inclusive. There are two distinct projects where consultation and training will be provided:

A Needs Assessment will be conducted at the drive-in movie location, as well as spaces that staff/volunteers and movie-goers may use. Information will be obtained from people with disabilities regarding potential barriers to attending and/or fully enjoying the events. Recommendations will be provided for The MVFF to create a more accessible, welcoming, and inclusive drive-in movie experience.

Sensory Friendly Movies: Consultation will be provided to assist The MVFF  to add sensory-friendly movie events to their summer programming.


Mass Audubon at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Felix Neck has a project to update the Nature Play Zone and Discovery Room areas with several accessible features that facilitate play, learning, and exploration in the natural environment.

Training and facilitated discussions on Universal & Inclusive Design will educate Felix Neck leadership on best practices. Information gathering for the Nature Play Zone and Discovery Room will take place through a combination of a survey, listening sessions and interviews with members of the community with disabilities, their families, and key partners to learn what they want and need in these spaces.  A summary of the findings and recommendations will be provided.


Misty Meadows Equine Center

Misty Meadows will receive support in two areas:

Consultation with the Program Management team to discuss, plan for and navigate the often-challenging balance between safety, the center’s accreditation policies and inclusion for all who might benefit from Misty Meadows service offerings.

Instructional staff training on general inclusive best practices, fostering friendships, and creating a culture of inclusion.


The Trustees/The Farm Institute

The Trustees/TFI will receive two areas:

Training will be provided for seasonal staff on general inclusive best practices and respectful accommodations to increase their knowledge of disability inclusion, socially responsible language, and respectful accommodations to use with children, youth, and families in summer programs throughout The Trustees properties.

A facilitated discussion will take place with leadership of The Trustees on inclusion and accessibility with the goal to create an inclusion statement to communicate a more welcoming and inclusive organization.


YMCA of Martha’s Vineyard

The YMCA of Martha’s Vineyard will receive the following project support:

Consultation will be provided to create additional resources for the YMCA inclusion and behavior support tool kit. This will empower YMCA leadership with practical, unique resources to build the capacity of staff.

Training: Summer Camp Staff will be trained on inclusive best practices and positive behavior support.




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